2nd Place – Sculpture

Title of Art Piece: Withering Reef
Category: Sculpture – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Abigail Sparks
School: Thunder Mountain High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

Withering Reef:

Carbon emissions from fossil fuels are a thing ever-present in our everyday lives. From gas-powered cars, ships, and planes, to industrial factories and large private businesses. The excess of these emissions is what is ripping the future of not only our oceans away but the future of the generations ahead of us away. Things like Ocean Acidification and Coral Bleaching events are widespread and happening at a steep, upward, linear rate. Over 50% of our oceans coral has died off from the stress of climate change that causes Coral Bleaching. Who’s to say we will even have these reefs in the next few decades? Over half a billion people on this earth rely on coral reefs across the globe as a food source. Withering Reef isn’t just a monster, it’s a monster of our own creation, a monster that we should be actively fighting against but choose not to. Instead, we push it on future generations, telling them that it’s their problem, it is not our problem. It is everyone’s problem. It is your problem. Change will only begin once you can recognize that. Change will only come if you can see that you share this planet and its resources just as much as everyone else. Change begins with you.

Artwork Dimensions: 12 inches X 7 inches by 5 inches