Title of Art Piece: Untitled
Category: Drawing – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Avalon Heath
School: West Anchorage High School
Grade: 9th
Artist Statement: In this art piece most of the shapes are organic and some of them were supposed to be geometric. I was inspired by all my little stuffed animals and my childish imagination to make a panda with streams of color and open doors. My theme is explosive colors and my goal for this art piece was to create something very colorful and unique. I made it like that so it’s enjoyable to look at and observe.

The techniques I used for the color pencils were burnishing, layering, and a mix of stippling and scribbling. The good thing that went well while I was making this art piece was being able to design and color it myself so I can use my creativity on my own.

Artwork Dimensions: 9 inches high x 6 inches wide

Original Image: