Title of Art Piece: Unconditionally, Your Daughter
Category: Painting – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Livia Valenote
School: Eagle River High School
Grade: 11th
Artist Statement: My mother recently turned 55, and I wanted to create a piece commemorating my admiration and deep love for her. My mother has always been sick. Ever since I was young, I remember the variety of doctors and the drawers of medicine. Yet she was still beside me, teaching me her morals, values, and how to be a kind person. Because of her sickness, she is limited in her activities. This leads her to believe she is a subpar mother. I love my mother, and I never thought of her any less. With some new developments, her health has gotten worse, and with new pain came new struggles and challenges. She has changed. I could tell that. I don’t blame her, living with this terrible pain. But it still hurts not seeing my mother not at her best. It’s hard sometimes to hold the same amount of love and admiration when she’s grumpy and snappy. This piece is about loving someone when they’re not at their best. I applied the principles of realism and captured the mundane reality in my piece. Her sickness, her pain, but still beside my side; she is set inside my room to convey that. Even if she was sick, I still see her as purple. She has always represented the color purple, power, and regality in my mind. She has always been strong. I wish to convey these deep feelings of love and admiration through this piece. I will always love her through her ups and downs. Even though she might not be perfect, I wouldn’t trade my mom for anyone else.
Artwork Dimensions: 14 Inches High X 11 Inches Wide
Original Image