Honorable Mention – Ceramics
Title of Art Piece: Topographic Stack
Category: Ceramics – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Lucia Chapell
School: Haines High School
Grade: 10th
Artist Statement: This set of three bowls features hand-carved topographic designs. This design is inspired by Southeast Alaska, my mountainous home by the sea. While creating these pieces, I was inspired by days spent hiking through hillsides on the peninsula. Each bowl took time to carve. I enjoyed making each bowl unique with these patterns inspired by the natural world around me. The set is soda fired, which is what created the multicolored glass buildup that covers the outside of each bowl. My class and I got the opportunity to participate in an atmospheric firing with a ceramic artist. We helped to load the kiln, check it, stoke the kiln with soda ash and wood, and unload it. The results were very rewarding and I learned a lot during this process.
Artwork Dimensions: Width: 5 ¼ Height: 3 ⅝

Original Images:
1. https://artalaska.org/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/52-a6a69575a0bcf9c504f5378a8b3c8199/2023/03/Topographic-Stack1.jpg

2. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F03%2FTopographic-Stack2.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=dd0a552172ff3082f42ce1236e4f633cb18b95b8cd371e3f34c36bbe70abc518

3. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F03%2FTopographic-Stack3.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=356fa759dfc0e02bd93b516ed20d1afe7884b508132156ba7573071a1d0bb07a