Title of Art Piece: The Tiger
Category: Mixed Media – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: McKinleigh Wood
School: Wasilla High School
Grade: 9th
Artist Statement:For my art, I honestly just create whatever idea comes to mind that I like best- with or
without some special meaning. With pieces like The Tiger, the previous idea was for it to be an
octopus or squid of some sort- long before I had actually begun building it. The tiger idea came
from a childhood artwork of mine with a ¨strawberry¨ or ¨cinnamon¨ tiger- a rare color variation
providing light orange and brown stripes instead of your typical orange and black. Though, once
I had made a base for The Tiger, I realized that I didn’t have the proper materials to give it that
exact orange-brownish color in which real cinnamon tigers have and gave it the design it has
now (a design that I am personally very happy with albeit the change). It is nearly entirely made
of paper as well as different subtypes (cardboard, painters tape, newspaper etc) with the face
form made by layering strips of newspaper as paper mache’. In my artworks I really want to make pieces that stand out,
having each their own unique flair. I believe that was achieved in this piece.
Artwork Dimensions: 14″ High x 15″ Wide x 12″ Deep
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