Title of Art Piece: The Sacred Trek
Category: Communication Arts / Graphic Design – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Cole Wadsworth
School: Valdez High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement: This piece represents my perspective of life and all of the most important things to me. In Life, there is a path that gives us purpose and guides us, and it isn’t a smooth walk either. This path was opened to me and for anyone who asks for it. I was inspired by the story of Moses in the Bible when, through the power of God, Moses was able to part the Red Sea so that they could escape Pharaoh and enter the land promised by God. The tree represents family, and family is everything to me. The Sun, Moon, and Star represent the three heavens. The snake wrapped around the stick represents Jesus Christ who leads us by example and guides us back toward our Heavenly Father. This life is a journey, a Sacred Trek, endured so that we can have everlasting life and be with our families again.
Artwork Dimensions: 39 Inches High x 30 Inches Wide

Original Image: