2nd Place – Painting
Title of Art Piece: The Doctor’s Office
Category: Painting – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Ava Hays
School: Wasilla High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement: The painting “the doctors office” was created to convey how a child, trapped in a hospital, deals with the struggles that coincide with having medical issues. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that one is a child when they are dealing with large looming health problems but the scribbling on the paper atop the examination table is a reminder that youth and innocence aren’t completely eradicated in the midst of health issues. While the subject looks weary and tired she is still expressing creativity. A teacher once told me “art is either a window or a mirror” and this piece is most certainly a mirror. It helps me process and deal with the struggles that I have been through without having to speak a word and it hopefully can aid others who have dealt with the same experience. The wall in the background remains dark and blank to create a gloomy feeling but the bright pink hospital gown contrasts the darkness to represent the still present spark that all children have, just as light battles dark, happiness battles pain and hope battles fear. The painting represents how my childhood wasn’t lost because of my health. My physicality did not define my future. I did. The wall of my future is blank for me to fill however I please, just as it is in the painting.
Artwork Dimensions: 10 x 8″

Original Image: