Title of Art Piece: The Divine Feminine
Category: Communication Arts / Graphic Design – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Talia Williams
School: West Anchorage High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

This piece is meant to convey the power, strength, and unwordable qualities in the energy of femininity. There is a vast difference between femininity and what it means to be socialized as feminine. Femininity is what you make of it. It is whatever you feel within you that screams it. That is what it is; it cannot be defined by another for you. Everyone has it, just like everyone has masculinity and androgynity within them as well. In some cultures there is the idea that the universe is a womb that gives birth to existence, and therefore feminine since it gives birth to life– though that does not mean giving birth is necessary for or even tethered to womanhood. I drew upon this idea as inspiration for this piece. Divine femininity can be whatever you want it to be. Some aspects I think of it as the struggles our ancestors went through and the knowledge we passed down– what we learned from our mothers, good and bad. Some mothers teach you how to love by showing you love, some teach you how to love by showing you what not to become. It is the spirit of flexibility and water flowing or sometimes roaring, and knowing that water becomes ice. Thus, I drew a female body against a universe, perched on the edge of a still pool of keenly reflective water. The light flowing up from her hands while also dripping down makes beams of pure energy, representing power that can be both burning and gentle, both liquid and fire. I omitted a mouth and nose because I wanted her to be ambiguous as to her facial features– the idea is that by leaving ambiguity, I create less limitation.

Artwork Dimensions: 17″ x 13″