Title of Art Piece: The Birds
Category: Sculpture – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Gabriella Graetz
School: Lathrop High School
Grade: 10th
Artist Statement: This is my first project using papier mache and wire, and it took a lot of trial and error. I struggled to make the wires stand up so it looks like the birds are flying.
Artwork Dimensions: 9″deep x 12″wide x 1 2″high

Original Images:
1. https://artalaska.org/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/52-a6a69575a0bcf9c504f5378a8b3c8199/2023/04/GabbyBook1.jpg

2. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F04%2FGabbyBook2.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=9bc0dcb76e8028b80cf16a4c0ce61d3759006ac8f65e27f0f0b1ca0ed04f2000