Title of Art Piece: Soda Fired Bubble Mug
Category: Ceramics – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Emma Dohrn
School: Haines High School
Grade: 10th
Artist Statement: This mug was hand thrown and fired in a soda kiln. Since this piece was going to be fired outdoors in nature, I wanted to incorporate some earth-like elements. I added the waves on the side of the mug to add originality as well as add texture for the Soda ash to settle in.
Artwork Dimensions: 4 in x 3.5 inch

Original Images:
1. https://artalaska.org/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/52-a6a69575a0bcf9c504f5378a8b3c8199/2023/03/Emma-Mug1.jpg

2. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F03%2FEmma-Mug2.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=56f2d8d4312c1f5cc9b36fb339fcdc0933626db34899f6750dd171053203f21a

3. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F03%2FEmma-Mug3.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=ed0f46493acfc7c2bf3e7b8a17ba0f83968950c30ddf83122445bdcbb6ca693d