Title of Art Piece: Raven Wings
Category: Painting – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Savannah Stout
School: South Anchorage High School
Grade: 10th
Artist Statement: Two people find themselves in a hellish landscape inspired by the story of Icarus, a man who built himself wings of freedom. In this story, a woman nails raven wings onto the back of a man. Only once he has been pieced together can he fly away into the light he’s staring at and away from the barren landscape around him. A raven watches from a brick wall, representing sacrifice because it is through the wings of his fellow creatures being nailed to the back of this man that helps this mission for freedom. The woman also represents sacrifice as there is only one pair of wings present, wings that the man will fly away with.
Artwork Dimensions: 12″ wide x 9″ high
Original Image