Title of Art Piece: OSHA Violation
Category: Sculpture – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Paige Baggen
School: Wrangell High School
Grade: 11th
Artist Statement:

OSHA Violation (Sculpture)

When I originally set out to create this piece, I wanted to make a simple and elegant jewelry holder. However, as I went through the steps of bringing my idea to life, more and more things began to go wrong. Sculpting was more difficult than I anticipated, firing was iffy, and the painting process was a nightmare. Even when I thought I had finally finished, it was vandalized in its display case, forcing me to go back to the drawing board to make repairs. As I worked through each complication, my sculpture began to look more like a freak accident than a stylish jewelry holder. The end result came to be a symbol of my creative process: messy, chaotic, and stitched together.

Artwork Dimensions: 2.5 Inches Tall, 7 Inches Long, 4 Inches Wide