Title of Art Piece: Mushrooms
Category: Painting – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Emma Kinmon
School: Wasilla High School
Grade: 11th
Artist Statement:

In my artwork “Mushrooms” I painted a type of turkey tail mushroom growing on a tree. I chose a vibrant dark shade of blue based on the variety of turkey tail and to show contrast between that on the bark. I wanted to experiment a lot with the textures of the wood, to add more interest I used a variety of shades of brown. I knew from the beginning I wanted the mushrooms to break the border to make it feel a little more whimsical. My artwork is on mixed media paper done with watercolor, fine liners, and colored pencils. I’ve always been inspired by nature and fascinated by mushrooms especially based on the variety of types. They play an important part in our ecosystem so I made them the focus of the work.

Artwork Dimensions: 14″ high x 11″ wide