Title of Art Piece: Love Flows Everyday
Category: Ceramics – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Aminata Sesay
School: Lathrop High School
Grade: 11th
Artist Statement: My name is Aminata; I’m from Sierra Leone, I have lived in the United States for five years now, and I came to Alaska last year. I made a wedding vase. I used some materials like a sponge, a rib, a needle tool, a feather wire tool, and a circle kemper mini tool for the wedding vase. This is how I did it, from the beginning to the end. I started with a foot, I made a coil and put it on the foot, and then I bonded them together. After that, I did a flat pinch, and I repeated the same thing until I finished the body. I also did coiling, bonding, and flat pinching on the shoulder. I placed a slab in the middle of the wedding vase, then blended it out. After I did that, I made two necks on the shoulder of the wedding vase, then I repeated the method of coiling, bonding, and flat pinching till I finished both necks. At the end, I used the slab again, and then I carved some flowers. For the colors my teacher first fired the vase without any colors on it. After firing I used purple and white glaz on the vase, then my teacher fired the vase with the colors on it the wedding vase came out shiny.
Artwork Dimensions: 22 cm High x 12 cm Wide x 11 cm Deep
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