Title of Art Piece: Lost
Category: Sculpture – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Olivia Overdorf
School: Homer High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

My inspiration for this piece was a mystical creature, so I chose a faun. A faun is a half-man-half-goat. You can see by the feature of the horns and goat-like ears. This was made from clay and was for an art prompt to create an idiom clay bust. Mine is “feeling lost” or just “lost.” I relate to this piece almost quite literally- “lost,” which I feel a lot. Even in the moment of making it, I felt lost, in which I was very emotional at the time of making it. I made this to which I related to it, thus sticking to the idiom by adding little by little to it. That of being a compass to one hand and while the other rests on its head. Giving a dead gaze and face, slightly agape. And lastly, the colors add to this piece too, almost cold or dead, which sets the feeling of “lost.”

Artwork Dimensions: 5.5″ x 7″