Title of Art Piece: Lost in Thought
Category: Painting – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Ella Asher
School: Wasilla High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:My piece is about a feeling of being lost in thought late at night in bed when you are trying to sleep. It has a lot of meaning to it because personally when I am laying and thinking about random things I feel worried with a blank stare at the ceiling. I worry about what would happen the next day. So this piece explains that feeling. I originally went with a self portrait but it slowly turned into a girl with the same feelings because so many other people deal with this. I wanted to put fabric over as the bedsheets and I used dark colors in watercolor on the “bedsheets” for the thoughts. I was really successful in this piece in my opinion, It has strengthened my growth on my art over the years.
Artwork Dimensions: 24″ x 36″
Original Image