Title of Art Piece: Hot and Cold
Category: Mixed Media – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Tindra Cardwell
School: West Anchorage HS
Grade: 9th
Artist Statement: My artwork is vibrant and has a lot of saturated colors that imitate an infrared vision camera. The art title “Hot N Cold” is inspired by my favorite Katy Perry songs, but also fits with this infrared concept. In the middle of the collage there is a little girl, who I based this project off of. The background of my piece consists of mainly rectangular gelli print cutouts with a few circular bits as well for added texture. You will notice that in some of my prints there is a stringy pattern with orange used, although the color is simple, it is my favorite print because it adds a layer of simplicity. I chose infrared because I have always been interested in heat sensing cameras in regular camera technology and in nature. For me, this reminds me of one of the exhibits in the Anchorage Museum when I was little. You would walk on a platform and let the camera sense you while standing in front of the same screen that you could see your infrared reflection. My goals were to bring an overall vibrant completion to the collage. This piece really makes me understand my love for bright colors.
Artwork Dimensions: 9 inches high x 9 inches wide
Original Image