2nd Place – Ceramics

Title of Art Piece: Full Steam Ahead
Category: Ceramics – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Quinn Cox
School: Soldotna High School
Grade: 12th

Artist Statement:

“Full Steam Ahead” is a mix of sprig molds, hand building, and slab building. My inspiration came from other students’ projects. Many were making large vessels and I liked the shapes. For the theme I was inspired by video games, especially Minecraft, because with the addition of copper blocks, many people have been making steampunk themes. After I had the idea I looked on Pinterest and found more and more pictures of details I could add onto my project. The hardest part was trying to keep everything wet enough to work with. Since my vase has a lot of details, it took time to build and then attach each one. The glasses took the most time to make. It took me about a day to get the shape right and mirror it.

Artwork Dimensions: 4.5″ x 9″

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