Title of Art Piece: Fresh Snow on Black Bear Chairlift
Category: Painting – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Alain Soltys-Gray
School: Thunder Mountain High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

I was inspired to paint this painting when I was up skiing one afternoon with a friend. I wanted to highlight the anticipation of getting off the chairlift through my use of dramatic lighting and motion throughout the piece. The use of the light from the sun first attracts the attention of the eye of the viewer, then depth and atmospheric perspective are used to further move the eye along the piece until the viewer’s eyes would land at the place where the skiers would get off the chairlift. Overall, this painting represents the harmony of people in nature. Because of skiing and the changing climate with variable snow years, this causes more awareness in keeping the environment pristine.

Artwork Dimensions: 9 inches X 12 Inches