Title of Art Piece: Flagon with a Dragon
Category: Ceramics – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Trenton Boots
School: Soldotna High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

My Flagon with a Dragon is inspired by a scene in the 1955 film The Court Jester. It is a scene in which two characters go back and forth in a tongue twister trying to tell which vessel the poison is in. One of which is the Flagon with a Dragon, however I took some creative liberties changing the metal flagon to a wooden stein and adding my own twist to the dragon. After glazing the dragon bones I then wiped off the glaze to create a rough bone like texture to help tell the story of the flagon. This flagon is of the King’s personal collection, the skeleton belongs to the offspring of the dragon he slayed to remind his people of his power.

Artwork Dimensions: 6.5″ x 7″