Title of Art Piece: Face of Self-Rest
Category: Drawing – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Ava Stover
School: Eagle River High School
Grade: 9th
Artist Statement: “Face of Self-Rest” is a self-portrait made out of charcoal for my Art 1 class. The picture that I chose to recreate was one of me staged in my bedroom with me standing in front of my closet. I have been told that I am intimidating, that I seem to be angry, and that I just overall have an air of indifference. So I wanted to try and get a picture of me when I was in a comfortable environment to see if what I was being told was accurate, so I asked my family and friends. It turned out that to other people, my normal resting face, most people would consider angry and indifferent, and that my ‘brutal honesty’ was intimidating. When I took the photo, I had just woken up and was well rested from a good night’s sleep, so I was not really thinking of anything. I took the picture when I was looking away from the camera, and I think that that adds to the picture because I am not just looking directly at the camera, giving off an air of indifference. I think that I was able to draw my face the best I could, and I like how the picture turned out for my first time drawing in charcoal.
Artwork Dimensions: 20″ High X 16″ Wide
Original Image