Title of Art Piece: Creating in Quarantine
Category: Mixed Media – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Gigi Droop
School: West Anchorage High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:

I created this piece to serve as a reminder that art was my escape during quarantine. This piece was not only created to represent our time in quarantine but to mark the end of my journey with chemotherapy. My goal for this piece was to create a unique portrait that used stippling and followed my personal narrative for my senior exhibition as part of the IB Art program. The portrait is made up of hundreds of tiny dots and darker and lighter colors are used to create shadows and details. The element of space is prominent in this artwork, the pieces of newspaper create negative space around the portrait. Value is used to its advantage by using multiple shades of the same color to create value within the portrait. The use of stippling conveys stress representing the hard times the world was facing during quarantine.

Artwork Dimensions: 12 inches high x 7.5 inches wide