Honorable Mention – Communication Arts / Graphic Design – 2023
Title of Art Piece: Constant Compulsions
Category: Communication Arts / Graphic Design – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Simone Stanish
School: Susan B. English High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement: OCD is a highly misunderstood mental illness. Intrusive thoughts and compulsions can be highly damaging to one’s life. Recently, I’ve been dealing with some of the worst intrusive thoughts and anxiety-inducing compulsions I’ve ever experienced, drawing has been my escape. In this self portrait, I engage in a compulsion in which I claw at my neck. The colors are heightened, symbolizing how I often feel overstimulated when I’m in this state. With this piece I hope to spread awareness and create a kind curiosity to this incredibly damaging illness. I hope that someday, mental illnesses such as this, can be commonly understood and not looked at as some kind of minor inconvenience or joke.
Artwork Dimensions: 2500 X 2000px

Original Image: