Title of Art Piece: Complete
Category: Painting – 2022
Student/Artist’s Name: Arianna Espindola
School: Eagle River High School
Grade: 10th
Artist Statement:

I began this painting with the intention to capture a personal journey that lasted several months. Throughout that time, I suffered numerous battles in my personal life. I underwent the darkness of depression, an injury during a sports season, and the end of my first relationship. As a result, I felt as if I was not myself anymore. I lost the aspects of myself that make me who I am. Despite all of these setbacks, I persevered and eventually found myself again. This piece is about breaking free from the darkness in life and slowly piecing myself back together. The birds represent all of those qualities of myself finally reuniting in a colorful, complete collage. It expresses freedom and confidence in who I am and how I want to live. This painting depicts a personal journey that I will never forget.

Artwork Dimensions: 8″ x 11″