Title of Art Piece: Blue Raspberry Lobster lemonade
Category: Ceramics – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Lindsey Barker
School: Thunder Mountain High School
Grade: 9th
Artist Statement: This was a crazy challenge from drawing up a template and cutting out 6 sides for each segment and then assembling them all at the perfect time without collapsing. The bisque firing was successful with no seams cracking apart and the glaze turned out better than anticipated. The title reflects the colors of the glazes and how they reacted together in the kiln and, well, what else do you call a headache of a hexagonal vase?
Artwork Dimensions: 17″ high 8″ wide

Original Images:
1. https://artalaska.org/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/52-a6a69575a0bcf9c504f5378a8b3c8199/2023/04/112609756.jpg

2. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F04%2F112609965.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=c5357e3db07715f8d8cbcef3b9d832d8ab5e80d9ea5f1e887142a37c91415180

3. https://artalaska.org/index.php?gf-download=2023%2F04%2F112614677.jpg&form-id=52&field-id=38&hash=2c5c6b8fda615201ead8c46763c2f210cb4bd11753f66103061e83642a5bb0a3