1st Place
Title of Art Piece: Barn Owl
Category: Ceramics – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Emma Grimes
School: Homer High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement: I wanted to make something different, without using the wheel. I made a sculpture more lifelike and different from my usual style of art. I loved making little animals out of the air dry clay when I was little, so why not make it a little bigger and way more heavy. I love hearing owls in the mornings, and admiring their beauty including their big eyes and colorful feathers. I wanted to make a lifelike version but still have my style incorporated like adding patterns to the smaller feathers, reminiscent of the romantic era. I wanted it to give the feeling of loving but wise, while keeping the face and most of the feathers realistic. Finally, I glazed some of the little feathers in my style. I love how this piece turned out, and will be doing realism more often.
Artwork Dimensions: 11.5″ tall X 6.5″ Wide X 4.5″ Deep
Original Images