Title of Art Piece: Autumn Bells
Category: Mixed Media – 2024
Student/Artist’s Name: Emma Ruedy
School: Service High School
Grade: 11th
Artist Statement: Art can provide empowerment, when making art you enter a state of mind that makes you feel as if you’re all by yourself and that you have a better sense of control in life. You may not be able to control every aspect of your life but you can always control what you do when it comes to art. Being able to relieve stress is an important life skill to have, art is a good tool for that. When making art such as, needling-felting or crocheting, you relax your brain while still working your body. Fibers are an important component when it comes to art, as it’s one of the most relaxing hobbies. For this piece I used an assortment of yarns to create different patterns when weaving and adding macrame to the bottom. I was able to take my time and relax while making this piece. As an artist I prefer to play with various fiber arts, whether it’s needle-felting, wet-felting, or crocheting. Fiber arts are extremely relaxing and can help add some empowerment to my life.
Artwork Dimensions: 15 inches height X 8 inches wide X 1 inches deep
Original Image