3rd Place – Painting
Title of Art Piece: A Day at Duncan
Category: Painting – 2023
Student/Artist’s Name: Olivia Etzwiler
School: Homer High School
Grade: 12th
Artist Statement:


When I started this painting, I had no clue the hours, work, and back pain that would come with creating it, however I did not let that stop me from bringing my vision to life. This painting was commissioned from my boss at the Duncan House Diner and the only guidelines were that I have fun with the process. The layout is referenced directly from a picture I took of the restaurant, and the animals at the bar were my lively touch. The medium of choice was acrylic paint, and I utilized a grid method to transfer the rough draft into the bigger finished piece. A lot of my inspiration came from a perspective artist named Paul Heaston, who helped me understand point of views and create a more immersive piece. In total this painting took me three months, with over 70 hours of painting time, and I can safely say this was the most challenging canvas I have ever taken on. While it was a steep task, I loved the process and believe this is my best work yet. It has inspired me to keep pushing myself out of the comfort zone with my paintings to see how far my talents can go.

Artwork Dimensions: 21 in. high X 27 in. wide

Original Image: